Bravo Vancouver Parks and VPD

(August 11, 2017 )   
I am so fortunate to live where i do, i can walk 2 mins to either English Bay or Stanley Park. The city has done an amazing job, despite what people believe, having fun, family friendly, and FREE things to do around here.

Celebration of Light

We all know about the Celebration of Light nights, and i'd like to just comment for a second. They really have their act together on this. Last Saturday was the first night and Japan was the contestant. Although the crowd was a bit smaller than usual, 250,000 estimated. The crowd moved in and out of the area quickly and believe it or not quietly. By 11:15 the streets and beach were empty. 

Movies in the park

The other great event is the Movies in the Park, at 2nd Beach. Great fun event. I went last night for the first time. Beauty and the Beast was showing, lots of families there, enjoying the free event. The best part was the mass sing alongs to all the music. You can bring your own snacks and stuff too. Next up is Jaws on August 8th.

On my dog walks in the park, i"ve come across so many classes going on. Ukulele, cross fit, yoga, and slack lining to name a few. I am guessing these are pay for events, but still pretty cool atmosphere. 

Get out and enjoy!!!!!