Thinking of Buying a Presale?

Do I need my own REALTOR®?

YES!!! and here's why. As a buyer you don't pay commissions, the developer pays the realtors. It's part of the contract with the sales team selling the project. So i am free to you.

Why don't I just use the people in the sales centre?

The people working in the sales centre work for the developer, not you. Unless you know contract law, you need to be represented by someone who can explain all aspects of the contract, to protect your interests. Being comfortable with your decision to purchase is very important to me.

Why use Al?

I have spent many hours at REALTOR® openings for the various presales, and made notes of the positives and negatives for each site. This makes it less time consuming for you. Why go look at something that doesn't meet your particular needs. In the beginning there are no homes listed on the MLS, and until the builders disclosure is filed, no pricing is available. As a REALTOR® with VIP access, i can take you into such developments, allowing you to put your name on a home, subject to you approving the pricing and details when available. There is no commitment on your part, but you have first right of refusal. Thats why many developments have a grand opening with very few homes available. Wouldn't it be great to have that opportunity?

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